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Save your money:
Yes that's true. You will not only get a great scooter, car or quad. You will get a great price too. 

Check our scooter prices for 2023 on this page . To get an offer for a car or a quad and for our ratings for longer periods and groups please contact our office

Quality assured:
Every machine we rent is subjected to an extensive predelivery check by our fully trained engineers. We service all over the island! So you do not need to worry in case you need us if you are in the mountains of Crete.

We will help you in any way we can.



Service assured:
Every client is equally important to us, no matter if you rent a scooter for a day or for three weeks: in Greek tradition we treat our clients like if they where our friends/family. We are very proud on our family-business and see returning customers each year!

Reliability assured:
Just read our guestbook on this site. We invite all our customers to write their experiences with Pop Motors in this guestbook to give you an idea of our servicelevel and reliability.

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